Tourism Packages

The Suwaidi Pearl farm tour is an exclusive opportunity to discover the historical and cultural journey of the region’s pearling industry, and learn about the evolution of the Arabian pearl and the legacy that led it to become the one of the world’s most sought after gems.

Suwaidi Pearls Farm Tour is in Al Rams area in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. The Pearls Farm is on the sea in floating structure called Pontoon. It is open for visitors from Saturday to Thursday and the experiences can be from a minimum of 2 hours to a max of 4hours.

The excursions packages starting June 2019:

1. Morning Tour with lunch – 10am to 1.30 or 11am to 2.30pm
2. Morning Tour only – 10am to 12pm or 11am to 1pm
3. Evening Tour with Dinner – 5pm – 8.30pm
4. Evening Tour only – 5pm to 7pm

Prices & relevant information for 100 visitors:

a. Tour plus Lunch or Dinner – Dh350+5% VAT per pax
b. Tour only – Dh 300+5% VAT per pax
c. Children from the age of 10 to 15 are 1/2 price and below complimentary.
d. There are group discounts for a group of 7 and above. We can also offer customized exclusive packages for celebrations and events with separate itinerary and fees structure.
e. We have special offer for Tour Agencies, Schools students, Universities students, UAE Government Departments and UAE residents
f. Bookings & Cancellations we require a minimum of 48 hours notification
g. Mode of payments are cash or credit cards and can be paid at the venue.
h. Nonrefundable 25% upfront booking fees for customized and group of 7 and above.

The menu is as follows


1. Machboos (rice cooked in local spices with prawns)
2. Seafood grills ( can be mix or just fish or just prawns)
3. Jasheed (minced shark cooked in local spices with steamed rice)

Chicken or Meat:

1. Machboos (rice cooked in local spices with chicken/meat)
2. Grills ( can be mix or chicken or meat)
3. Fareeth (bread mixed with spices chicken or meat or vegetables)


4. Mixed Vegetable stew with local bread
5. Grilled vegetables with steamed rice or bread
6. Fareeth (bread cooked in local spices with vegetables)
7. Machboos (rice cooked in local spices with vegetables)
8. Indian vegetables curry with chapatti or rice

Local salads and desert

We provide buffet so each meal will have 2 to 3 main courses along with salads and dessert.
Tea, coffees, water, dates are provided throughout the tour.

The whole experience is on the sea. As such the tours can be cancelled anytime with or without prior notification due to sudden change in weather conditions or any unseen circumstances that may cause any risks to the guests or the employees. As such bookings with upfront payments will be handled and refunded accordingly.

The itinerary are as follows:

1. Pick up from Al Rams Marina “old fishermen village” by traditional Pearls divers Boat
2. Guests will enjoy the tour of the mangroves and its surroundings
3. Next arrive at the Pontoon (floating Suwaidi Pearls Farm House)
4. On the Pontoon the Guests will be shown the history of the Arabian Pearls, listen to the 1000s years old adventurous stories of the lifestyle of the Arabian Pearls Divers and witness their diving tools and techniques
5. Guests will listen to the history of the Arabian Pearls Traders journeys and their Trading routes!
6. Guests are then taken to next division of the Pontoon to discover the facts of the cultured Pearls! Here for the first time Guests will discover the science, knowledge and innovation of cultured Pearls! Learn the mystic secret of Pearls formation
7. They will be entertained with the transformational experience of understanding the cultured Pearls through a live Oysters opening demonstration where there is only 60% chance to discover the mystic Arabian Pearl!
8. Furthermore Guests can avail this adventure of oyster opening experience, find and take the mystic Arabian Pearl for a nominal fee of dh150!
9. Guests are then welcomed and entertained further to the upper deck to show the Arabian Pearls Traditional Traders box “ BISH-TAKH-TAH” see the various lustrous collections of the Arabian Pearls and the Traders tools and treasures.
10. Finally Lunch or Dinner will be served!

The Farm also sells Mother of Pearl and Pearls souvenirs and accessories. So Guests have a choice to buy hand crafted Farm products or purchase Pearls from the traders treasure box.

Guests have tendencies of prolonging the visiting hours between strolling around the Farm house, looking and choosing accessories or Pearls and inquiring and asking questions or simply enjoying the natural environment.

Refreshments such as water, traditional Arabic tea , Arabic coffee, dates and water are served all throughout the journey! Juices and other refreshments are served upon request.

The dress code is light casual and keeping in line with culture and tradition we humbly request the guest’s dress code to be modest. We recommend sunscreen for day tour and insect repellent for evening tours. The Farm has toilets and wash rooms facility.

Finally Suwaidi Pearls Farm practices environmental friendly ECO systems to protect the marine environment. The facility is basic, simple and authentic.

Below is the Google map for directions:,56.023296
Booking & information details:
Sara +971506815151 (Calls & what’s up)

Corporate Gifts

We are creating traditional Pearls traders box and customized creative corporate gifts items made using Mother of Pearls, Pearls and locally sourced raw materials. All gifts are designed by UAE Artisans and manufactured in the UAE. We will continue inspiring the market with more UAE products in the new future.


The work does not stop when the pearl is extracted from the oyster, but it is the beginning of a journey made by the pearl from the depths to the necks. We are also proud to launch a unique collection of “Pearl” light jewelry as chains with options of yellow or white gold or silver or camel skins, Arabian ghazal and original diamonds to carry a unique pearl of Suwaidi pearls. As well as earrings, hand bracelets, rings and each piece tell the story of the stories of the wonderful pearl myths and immortalized history and did not forget.